Economic Development


The Perry Township Council is committed to working proactively to ensure the prosperity of the local community and economy for all residents in the township.  Both council and staff endeavor to invest in initiatives that encourage sustainable economic growth within the local community, neighboring communities and the Almaguin Highlands region.

For the last two years, Perry has worked collaboratively with the neighboring communities of Magnetawan and McMurrich/Monteith to operate a shared economic development committee, which was named ECODEV to reflect a vision that reflected priorities in both economic and ecological stewardship.  In 2018, ECODEV merged with the Burk’s Falls & Area Community Economic Development (BACED) Committee which brings together almost half of the municipalities in the region AND the Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce; all with a shared goal of working together to achieve collective growth, while minimizing costs and maximizing potential returns on investment.  This merger marks a major milestone in regional collaboration throughout the Almaguin Highlands.

Together under the BACED name, the stakeholder municipalities and the Chamber of Commerce are committed to continuing their efforts towards ensuring economic growth and community prosperity.   This will be achieved by participating in and undertaking initiatives that support local businesses, enhance quality of life, ensure investment readiness and market the region through the Villages of Almaguin Regional Marketing Partnership.

Community Economic Development throughout the region continues to evolve to better serve communities, residents and businesses.  Innovative programs and initiatives are constantly being planned and delivered that will serve as building blocks to grow our capacity for growth.  If you would like to know more, or get involved with regional development, visit BACED.CA or email Dave Gray, Community Economic Development Officer, .

The team is committed to providing tools and resources for private and community stakeholders. You can use this website to learn about broadband services in Northern Ontario and also engage in a  community advocacy exercise that where residents and business owners can share their needs and insights regarding Broadband and their access or lack of it.

The key features of the website include:
Broadband Education;
Mobile-friendly speed test;
Internet Service Surveys;
Broadband Address Lookup Tool;
Broadband Advocacy and Data Collection Campaigns Toolkit; and
Contact Information to learn more about internet services in your area.