Township of Perry Council 2014-2018

Township of Perry Council 2014-2018

Back Row: Councillor Jim Cushman, Councillor Les Rowley, Councillor Jeff Marshall
Front Row: Clerk-Administrator Beth Morton, Mayor Norm Hofstetter, Councillor Margaret Ann MacPhail

Mayor Norm Hofstetter

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Mayor Norm Hofstetter was elected as Mayor in 2014, and has been on Council since 2010. Norm has been a resident of the Township of Perry for over 18 years. Norm is very active in the community and wants to see improvements to the Township’s parks, municipal facilities and to the environment. As Mayor, Norm wants to move the Township forward with a strong community involvement.

Councillor Jim Cushman

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Councillor Jim Cushman has lived in the Township of Perry for almost 50 years. Born and raised in the Niagara area, Jim was attracted to the area for its natural beauty, clear waters and fresh air. Jim and his wife Jennifer have four children, two daughters and two sons. Jim relocated to Novar and carried on with the family business of Cushman Stone & Gravel. Jim’s sons will be taking over the business becoming the 5th generation in the gravel pit and quarry industry. This is Jim’s 4th consecutive term on council and became involved in municipal government so that he can speak for the people. Councillor Cushman likes to keep costs under control while still maintaining infrastructure.

Councillor Margaret Ann MacPhail

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Councillor Margaret Ann MacPhail was elected to Council in 2014.  She has lived in the Township of Perry for ten years and ran for Council to get more involved and help further the interests of the Township for the ratepayers. Margaret Ann likes to be seen as a fair minded person with the best interests of the Township and ratepayers at heart. She has always had a big interest in volunteering her services. Margaret Ann is a health conscious person who loves to swim, especially in Clear Lake, as well as bike and run all over the Township.  She loves to be around people and believes that she has much to learn from others and she would like to impart some of her knowledge where appropriate.

Councillor Jeff Marshall

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Councillor Jeff Marshall was elected to Council in 2014. Jeff ran for Council to bring a fresh look to the Township and try to represent both the younger and older population of Perry. Jeff has lived in the Township of Perry his whole life and is the 5th generation of Marshalls in the Township. Jeff’s interests on Council are in the areas of infrastructure and waste management. Jeff and his wife have two boys and live on the same road that he grew up on as a child. Jeff works for a Surveyor as a Geomatics Technician and Drafting Supervisor.

Councillor Les Rowley

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Councillor Les Rowley has lived in the Township of Perry his whole life. He was born and raised on his family farm in Emsdale. 45 years ago, he married his wife Sharon and moved from the family farm to Novar where they have raised their two children, Leeanne and Chris who both reside in the Township. Les is very fortunate to have his daughter Leeanne residing next to him and his son Chris living on the family farm. Les and Sharon have four grandchildren who all happen to be boys!

Les was on Council for one term in the early 80’s, and three consecutive terms from 2006 to present. By the end of this term, he will have served for 14 years! Les became involved because he believed he could make a difference and help correct what he believed to be a dysfunctional Council at the time. His main interests on Council are to control the budget, while ensuring the Township continues to advance and grow. It is also important that infrastructure be kept in good condition while only spending what the tax base can afford. Another objective Les has is to ensure that there are good staff in place and provide them with good support and assist them with any difficult decisions that may arise.

Role of the Mayor

  • To act as Chief Executive Officer of the Township and:
  • support the purposes of the Township;
  • encourage public involvement in the Township’s activities;
  • act as the representative of the Township both inside and outside the Township and promote the
    Township in this area, the country and the world;
  • participate in and foster activities that enhance the well-being of the Township and its residents.
  • To chair Council meetings so that business can be carried out efficiently and effectively;
  • To provide leadership to Council;
  • To represent the Township at official functions;
  • To carry out the duties of the Head of Council under the Municipal Act or any other Act;
  • To act as Council’s representative when working with other levels of government and business;
  • To serve as an ex officio member of all committees or other body established or appointed by Council (the Mayor may vote and otherwise participate, unless prohibited by law, in the business of the committee of other body on the same basis as any other Committee member).

Role of Council

  • To take care of the interests of residents of the Township;
  • To create and assess policies and programs of the Township;
  • To decide which services the Township provides;
  • To make sure that policies and procedures are in place to follow Council’s instructions;
  • To make sure that all business done by senior staff is done fairly and responsibly;
  • To protect the finances of the Township; and
  • To carry out the duties of Council under the Municipal Act or any other Act.