Appearing Before Council

Before you request to appear before Council, you may wish to discuss your concerns with a member of Township staff and/or your Councillor. If your issue cannot be resolved in this manner, staff can then advise you of the next steps to address your concerns.

Delegation Request

If you wish to address Council as a delegation, you must submit a request to the Township Clerk by email on or before the Wednesday preceding the regular meeting. For more information please call Beth Morton at 705-636-5941.

Format for Appearing as a Delegation

Delegations are heard near the beginning of the meeting. The Mayor will invite you, as a delegate, to stand before Council to make your presentation, which is limited to 10 minutes. You should be aware that you will be required to speak loud enough for those in the audience to hear you during your presentation.

Delegation Guidelines

Delegations may be heard at a Council meeting. A delegation at Council shall speak for no more than ten minutes. If there are numerous delegates wishing to address an issue, the Clerk will encourage them to select one spokesperson to present their views within the allotted time frame.

Please submit a copy of your presentation with your request to be a delegate to the Clerk. Your written material provides members of Council and staff a better understanding of your concerns and recommendations. You should be aware that all written material become public as they are distributed to the members of Council, as well as staff and the media. If you are reading your presentation, please provide a copy to the Clerk.

As a delegation, you should not speak disrespectfully of any person, use offensive words, speak on any subject other than the subject for which you have received approval, disobey any decision of the Mayor or enter into cross debate with other delegations, staff or Council members.

Any person may choose to notify the Clerk that he/she will be in attendance for the sole purpose of answering questions from Council members, but not to speak to the matter. If so, his/her name will be listed as a delegation, but noting that his/her appearance is only to answer questions.