Mike Wilmon, By-Law Enforcement Officer

For all By-law Enforcement matters, please email the By-law Officer

The By-Law Enforcement Officer is responsible for investigating all complaints involving by-law violations in the Township of Perry and will only respond to formal complaints in writing.  If you wish to file a complaint, please fill out the following Request for Service and submit to the Municipal Office via:

In Person:  1695 Emsdale Road, Emsdale, Ontario


Fax:  705-636-5759

For after hour services, please email the completed form to Mike Wilmon



Property Standards

The Township of Perry has adopted a Property Standards By-law No. 2013-23 to ensure that the maintenance and occupancy of property within the Township is to an acceptable standard.

Property Standards Complaint Form

Maintenance Standards for Buildings and Properties

Examples of the maintenance standards include:

  • The maintenance of all plumbing, heating, ventilation, electrical, lighting, and all interior & exterior finishes in buildings.
  • The removal of rubbish; litter; debris; dead or decaying trees; wrecked, dismantled, unlicensed or inoperable vehicles; dilapidated buildings.
  • The cutting of tall grass and weeds that exceeds 6” in height.

The Chief Building Official/By-Law Enforcement Officer has the responsibility to administer and enforce property standards by-laws within the Township. Property Standards Officers are appointed, by by-law, as both Property Standards Officers and Building Inspectors under the authority of the Building Code Act.

The following form is to be filled in & provided to the CBO/By-law Enforcement Officer in order to address property standards concerns.

  • Please note, the By-law Enforcement Officer will not investigate anonymous complaints unless the alleged violation concerns an immediate threat to public health or safety.

The details of any complainant obtained for an investigation is collected, used and disclosed pursuant to the requirements of the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.

In accordance with the Act, personal information that is collected as part of an investigation into a possible By-law violation will not be disclosed, except to the extent that is necessary to prosecute the alleged violation, or to continue the investigation. A complainant may be required as a witness to present evidence in support of the complaint at any subsequent trial held at the Ontario Court of Law, or at a hearing, appeal or tribunal.

Any complaint that is determined to be vexatious in nature will be entered into the Township’s complaint system but will not be investigated.

A ‘vexatious complaint’ is one where the Township determines that the complaint is designed or intended only to cause annoyance, frustration or worry to the defendant and which may be without sufficient grounds.

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Canine Control

The By-law Enforcement Officer handles concerns and complaints regarding dogs running at large or dogs that bark constantly.

If you have found a dog OR If you have lost your dog, please contact our Municipal Office at (705) 636-5941 during our business hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm.  For afterhours services, please contact Mike Wilmon by email, or the OSPCA at 1(705) 645-6225.



A recent outbreak of the arctic fox strain of rabies has occurred in Northeastern Ontario. It is important for people to ensure that their children do NOT approach wild or stray animals. People should also ensure that their pets are properly vaccinated and not be allowed to run free. Rabies is fatal if untreated.

For further information, contact the North Bay & District Health Unit at 474-1400 and ask to speak to a public health inspector. You can also visit their website (www.myhealthunit.ca) and find more details.

Dog Licensing

*New* Dog Tag Application Form– If you would like to apply for a dog tag, please fill out the form and return it to the Municipal Office, either by email or by mail.

Licensing your dog will help enable the Canine Control Officer and/or the Ontario SPCA to notify you so you may recover your pet should your pet be impounded as a result of being found at large or trespassing on the property of others. Please ensure your pet wears its license tag at all times; doing so allows officers to retrieve ownership information.

Lifetime dog tags will continue to be valid for the lifetime of the dog that it was originally purchased for. All owners of dogs must purchase and affix a dog tag or be subject to a fine as outlined in By-law 2006-01, as amended.

License Fees

Various Fees Related to By-law #2006-01

Dog tag fee                              $10.00

Lifetime Dog Tag                      $50.00

Replacement Tag                     $5.00

Kennel License                        $150.00

Guide or Service Dogs             FREE

Please notify the Municipal Office of any change to your address or pet ownership status so that we can update our records. Annual Dog tags may be purchased at the Municipal Office, 1695 Emsdale Road, Emsdale, Ontario P0A 1J0.

Dog tags can be purchased at the Transfer Station & Recycling Centre, please see attendant for more information.