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Land Use Planning

Beth Morton, Clerk-Administrator
1695 Emsdale Road, PO BOX 70
Emsdale, ON P0A 1J0

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Land Use Planning services, in collaboration with the South East Parry Sound District Planning Board, is responsible for the review and approval process for changes to land use within the Township of Perry. Land Use in the Township is guided by our Official Plan and the Zoning By-law.

Visit our Permits, Licences, and Applications Page under Planning Policies and Documents for additional information or to view our Zoning By-law Map.

The Planning Department is responsible for both short-term and long-range planning within the Township, which includes the processing of official plan and zoning by-law amendments, site plan approvals, plans of subdivisions and condominiums, applications to purchase shore road allowances and providing staff support to Council.

If you are thinking of severing a lot, changing a use (such as adding a commercial use), or changing a building on your property which does not conform to the zoning by-law, you will need to speak with the Clerk-Administrator.

Development review includes pre-consultation of potential planning applications. Those considering a planning application are encouraged to consult early with the Clerk-Administrator. Staff are able to assist you with your application to ensure you are well aware of the process, required information, and timing before you pay any required fees.

For information on Additional Residential Units, view our By-law.

Before submitting a Planning Application, we strongly encourage you to consult early with the Clerk-Administrator to receive information which could save you time as you proceed through the review process.

Applications for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, Consents, Site Plan Approvals, Plans of Subdivisions, and Purchase of Shore Road Allowances are found on our Applications, Licenses, and Permits.

Applications are heard by the Council of the Township of Perry. Regular public hearings are held to consider planning applications.

To view upcoming public meetings, proposed amendments, and notices see our Planning Notices page.

To view our complete list of Planning Application fees, please view Schedule B of our Fees and Charges By-law.

For any inquiries regarding a property in the Township of Perry, please email us. If you are representing the property owner, please have a written authorization confirming this.

If you are not the property owner there will be an administrative fee of $100.

Note: Inquiries are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis and may take up to 2 weeks to process.

The Township will consider applications from abutting landowners to close and sell Shore Road Allowances. Shore Road Allowances were originally laid out for roads by Crown surveyors, generally 66’ in width. Many of these allowances were never developed into travelled roads and they remain unopened in public ownership.

All road allowance closures are at the discretion of Council.

Do I own my waterfront?
It is the responsibility of the property owner to verify and confirm whether or not they own the Shore Road Allowance in front of their property. Often waterfront property owners do not own property rights to the water’s edge unless the Shore Road Allowance is stopped up, closed, and sold.
In many cases, property owners have encroached onto these allowances with the construction of entire buildings, parts of buildings, boathouses, docks, garages, landscaping, etc. There is no adverse possession (squatters rights) on Shore Road Allowances.

How do I apply to purchase my shore road allowance?
If you are interested in applying to purchase your shore road allowance:

Licence of Occupation Agreement
The Township offers property owners the option of entering into a Licence of Occupation Agreement (rental) of the shore road allowance. This Agreement is for a term of 10 years, and permits structures (e.g. dock, boathouse, etc.) to be located on the Township-owned shore road allowance. All Agreements are entered into at the discretion of Council.

If you are interested in applying for a Licence of Occupation Agreement:

The Southeast Parry Sound District Planning Board operates collaboratively with the Township of Perry for certain planning applications, including consents.

Office Location: 1695 Emsdale Road, Emsdale, ON
Telephone: 705-787-5070

Hours: Mondays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Mailing Address: PO BOX 310, Kearney, ON, P0A 1M0

Planning Board Tariff of Fees

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) is an independent administrative tribunal responsible for hearing appeals on a variety of contentious municipal matters. Under the Planning Act, the LPAT’s main role in community planning is to resolve disputes related to land use planning applications (such as official plans and zoning by-laws). When people are unable to resolve their differences on community planning issues or have disputes with their municipal council that cannot be settled, the LPAT provides a forum to resolve those disputes.

View the LPAT’s Citizen’s Guide to Land Use Planning.

For additional information or further assistance, please contact the Citizen Liaison Office toll free at 1-866-448-2248 or by email. The Citizen Liaison Office is available to assist with explaining LPAT’s rules, practices, and procedures as well as questions about the status of a hearing event.