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Monday – Friday:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Roads Department

Randy McLaren
Working Roads Supervisor

(705) 636-5965 – Public Works Garage

For after hours road related emergencies, please call (705) 783-2441

Winter Parking on Roadways

In accordance with By-law 2004-28, no person shall park or stand a vehicle on a highway in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic. Every person who parks their vehicle on the roadside during the winter months (November 1 to April 15) will have their vehicle tagged and towed at the owner’s expense.

Please remember that plowing or placing snow onto or across municipal roads is prohibited under the Highway Traffic Act. By doing this, ditches are filled in and are unable to function properly, leading to washouts in the spring and icy roads in the winter.

Clearing Snow on Your Property

The Township devotes a great deal of resources to keep streets clear of snow and ice after a snowfall. Residents often deposit snow and ice from their property onto the street, not realizing that this contravenes the Highway Traffic Act, contributes to unsafe driving and walking conditions, and increases the cost of providing winter road maintenance. When you’re clearing snow from your driveway, please keep this snow on your property. Do not put the cleared snow from your driveway into a municipal ditch. Your efforts in making winter driving and walking safe for everyone are appreciated.

Go Slow in Snow

Slow down and drive according to the weather conditions, not the speed limit. During a storm, posted speed limits are usually too fast. Conditions are unpredictable and change rapidly. Adjust your speed and allow yourself extra travel time. Avoid sudden moves, starts, or stops. Start slowly on slick snowy roads and brake gradually, giving yourself plenty of space. Steer gently into turns to maintain control. Be visible and use your low-beam headlights when it is snowing. They are brighter than daytime running lights and will turn on your taillights.

If you are aware of a road hazard (i.e. a missing stop sign or street sign, dangerous washout, or dead animal on the road), please notify the Municipal Office at (705) 636-5941.

For after hours road related emergencies, please call (705) 783-2441.

Every year from around March 1st to May 31st the Township puts half-load or reduced/seasonal load restrictions on select roadways as a means to try to protect the integrity of the roads during the spring thaw. During this period of time:

  • Vehicles are restricted to load limits of 5 tonnes per axle; and
  • There is limited truck and transport access to these areas.

Please keep this time period in mind if you are planning to get a load of logs or building supplies delivered to your property in the spring. Once the road integrity has been restored, the load restrictions are removed.

Any trees or debris obstructing the roadways should be reported to the Municipal Office at (705) 636-5941.

Trees fallen on hydro wires should be reported to Hydro One at 1-800-434-1235.
Hydro One Power Outage Map

Trees fallen on Bell lines should be reported to Bell at 1-866-480-5901.

  • Public Works Garage: Replace siding on front of building, install bollards;
  • Emsdale Road Box Culvert: Conduct assessment of culvert;
  • Whitney Road Culverts: Replacement of 3 large culverts;
  • Deer Lake Road Bridge: Replace seals on bridge, install new guiderails;
  • Deer Lake Road: Remove existing surface treatment, apply 4" granite lift;
  • Kearney Road: Remove existing surface treatment, apply 4" granite lift;
  • Whitney Road: 4" granite lift from Fern Glen Road to Long Lake Road;
  • So-Ho-Mish Road: Surface treatment from Highway 518 to Sunset Pass;
  • Pinegrove Road: 4" granite lift, culvert replacements.

For information on how to apply for a Driveway or Entrance Permit, visit our Permits, Licences, and Applications page.