Energy Conservation and Demand Management

Energy Consumption

The Ontario provincial government mandates that municipalities report energy consumption from their buildings that use electricity and that are heated and/or cooled. These reports are due each year on July 1st.

This initiative is through Ontario Regulation 397/11. The following lists the submissions made by the Township of Perry.

Reporting Year                                    Data Year                                    Link to Submission

2013                                                      2011                                          Township of Perry 2011 Data 

2014                                                      2012                                          Township of Perry 2012 Data

2015                                                      2013                                          Township of Perry 2013 Data

2016                                                      2014                                          Township of Perry 2014 Data

2017                                                      2015                                          Township of Perry 2015 Data

2018                                                      2016                                          Township of Perry 2016 Data

2019                                                       2017                                         Township of Perry 2017 Data

2020                                                       2018                                         Township of Perry 2018 Data

2021                                                       2019                                         Township of Perry 2019 Data

Energy Conservation

Starting in 2014, each municipality must also submit an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan, or CDM. The CDM is a 5-year plan to reduce energy consumption in Township buildings that use electricity and that are heated and/or cooled (i.e. the buildings for which we report energy consumption in the table above). At the Council meeting on June 17, 2020, Council approved the updated CDM for the Township of Perry for the period covering 2020-2024. To see the plan please click here.