As of 10:01 a.m. on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, the Fire Rating will be set to Moderate. Open Air Burning, Incinerators, and Campfires are allowed.

No Daytime Burning (between 10am-6pm) is permitted between April 1 and October 31.


Residents must be in attendance when burning, do not leave fire unattended. The size of fire is restricted to 2 feet x 2 feet.

Note that all persons are liable for costs incurred by the fire department, including personnel, equipment and apparatus necessary, when called to extinguish a fire that is not in compliance with the Township’s Open Air Burning By-law.


Burning Guidelines for the Township of Perry

Recreational Open Air Burning (e.g. campfires) for warmth and cooking are permitted on all properties in the Township of Perry. You do not require a Fire Permit for a campfire.

A fire shall be attended, controlled, and supervised at all times by a competent adult until the fire is extinguished. Remember to have immediately available an effective extinguishing agent or device for extinguishing the fire.


Do Not Burn:

  • within 6 metres (19.7 feet) of a structure, vehicle, combustible/flammable objects and materials, forest, or adjacent properties;
  • when wind speeds exceed 30 km/hr., while under a smog alert, or in a manner which limits the visibility of a motorist to a distance less than 150 metres;
  • in a yard incinerator unless enclosed and covered by a heavy steel screen mesh with openings less than 5 millimetre;
  • during a Fire Ban;
  • debris, household waste, rubber, tar, painted wood, pressure or creosote treated wood, wood larger than the fire pit, or any type of yard waste.


Approval from the Chief Fire Official is required for all Non-Recreational Open Air Burning greater than 2 metres (6.5 ft.) in diameter and 2 metres (6.5ft.) in height and for burning during prohibited times. Please contact the Fire Department at 705-636-5311 or 705-783-8700 to obtain approval for non-recreational fires.


OWNER MUST COMPLY: Every owner shall comply with every direction of the Chief Fire Official or designate, the Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer and immediately cease any action prohibited. For the purpose of By-law 2017-13, all officers mentioned above may enter upon any lands. The property owner is liable if the fire is not contained/monitored.

PENALTY: Every person who contravenes any provision of By-law 2021-34 is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine as provided for in the Provincial Offences Act.