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Policies and Plans

Please contact the Municipal Office if you are looking for a policy or plan that is not listed below.

The Township is dedicated to achieving accessible customer service, with employees frequently undergoing training on legislation and overcoming accessibility barriers.

2020 Multi-Year Accessibility Policy

Ontario’s Building Together Guide, in conjunction with the Infrastructure for Jobs & Prosperity Act and Ontario Regulation 588/17, prescribes asset management planning and reporting requirements for municipalities. Under the new legislation, municipalities are required to prepare an updated Asset Management Plan governing all assets on or before July 1, 2024, with several interim steps required as well. At the regular meeting of Council on February 16, 2022, Council adopted the updated Asset Management Plan for the Township of Perry.

2019 Strategic Asset Management Policy

2022 Township of Perry Corporate Asset Management Plan

The Community Safety & Well-Being Plan was developed on behalf on the communities located within the Almaguin Highlands region. The Plan was created using a collaborative multi-sectoral approach recognizing that it is more than crime that sets the safety and well being in a community. The ultimate goal is to address root causes to circumstances creating the emergency response for residents.

This plan is a living document and will be updated as communities move forward in their work in continuing its commitment to the safety and well-being of its communities.

Almaguin Highlands Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (2021-2025)

The Township of Perry recognizes the many benefits that are provided by the various groups, organizations, volunteers, and events within the Township. The Township of Perry is committed to treating all requests for contributions in a consistent, fair, and equitable manner subject to local needs, priorities, and Council’s approved budget. For more information, please review the policy below, or contact the Municipal Office at 705-636-5941.

Township of Perry Donation Policy & Application Form

Effective January 1, 2019, the Green Energy Act, 2009, and its regulations were repealed. Ontario Regulation 507/18 ‘Broader Public Sector: Energy Reporting and Conservation Demand Management Plans’ was instituted to replace Ontario Regulation 397/11 ‘Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans’. No changes were made to the regulation when it was replaced.

Ontario Regulation 507/18 requires that a summary of every public agency’s annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions be posted on their website, including a list of the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for the year, with respect to each of the public agency’s operations that is conducted in buildings or facilities the public agency owns or leases. To view these reports for the Township of Perry, please click on the report of interest listed below:

Municipalities are also required to prepare and post an updated five-year Energy Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) plan for all Township operations. To view the most recent CDM plan for the Township of Perry, please click on the link below.

2020 -2024 Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

The Township’s Flag Policy provides clear guidance and direction to Township Staff as to the appropriate times and processes for raising, displaying, and Half-masting of flags on Township flagpoles.

2019 Flag Protocol Policy

The purpose of an Official Plan is to:

  • Establish goals - A goal is a desired state that reflects the long-range purpose of a Plan and is related to a major area of concern;
  • Establish objectives - An objective is a short-range step toward the goal. It is concrete, realistic, action-oriented, and attainable within a short period. The achievement of an objective should move the goal closer to reality;
  • Establish general policies concerned with the shaping and guiding of the physical growth and arrangement of the Township;
  • Balance the social and economic needs of the Township while protecting the physical and natural resources in order to obtain the most desirable physical environment for the Township's present and future residents;
  • Guide both municipal Council and staff, along with private interests, in such a way as to ensure the best form of development under the most desirable conditions; and
  • Guide and direct future development in a logical and orderly manner to ensure a resulting healthy growth pattern which will benefit the Township's present and future residents.

Please note: Amendments to the Official Plans are common. Accordingly, all information contained in the link below should be confirmed with Township Staff.

2013 Township of Perry Official Plan

The Village of Burk’s Falls, in partnership with the Burk’s Falls & Area Community Economic Development Committee (BACED) and the Central Almaguin Economic Development Association (CAEDA), including their municipal members, the Municipality of Powassan, the Labor Market Group (LMG), and NECO Communities Future Development Corporation, worked to develop a regional plan that built on the work that had already been undertaken by the individual organizations within the Almaguin Highlands Region. The goal was to create a plan that was consistent with a situational analysis of the Almaguin Highlands; that is reflective of input received from local businesses, municipalities, and other stakeholders; that included a vision to guide future activity; and that presented a series of achievable and measurable activities designed to meet the plan’s goals and objectives.

2018 RED Strategic Plan

The Township’s Social Media Policy helps to establish and provide Township Staff with guidelines and directions for the proper use of and professional responsibilities with respect to the Township of Perry’s Social Media Accounts regarding content, procedure for revisions, updates, and maintenance for the Township.

2019 Social Media Management and Usage Policy

The Township’s Strategic Plan helps to establish a plan of action that will assist the Township in creating an attractive environment for business, investment, and living.

2012 Strategic Plan