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Manager of Public Works & Facilities

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Winter Parking on Roadways

In accordance to By-law 2004-28, no person shall park or stand a vehicle on a highway in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic.  Every person who parks their vehicle on the roadside during the winter months will have their vehicle tagged and towed at the OWNER’S EXPENSE.

Please remember that plowing or placing snow onto or across municipal roads is prohibited under the Ontario Traffic Act.  By doing this, ditches are filled in and are unable to function properly leading to washouts in the spring and icy roads in the winter.

Clearing Snow on Your Property

The Township devotes a great deal of resources to keep streets and sidewalks clear of snow and ice after a snowfall. Residents often deposit snow and ice from their property onto the street or sidewalk not realizing that this contravenes Ontario Traffic Act, contributes to unsafe driving and walking conditions, and increases the cost of providing winter road maintenance. When you’re clearing snow from your driveway, please keep this snow on your property. Your efforts in making winter driving and walking safe for everyone are appreciated.


Ontario’s municipalities clear and maintain some 290,000 lane-kilometers of roadway every winter to keep communities moving. But they can’t do their job without drivers using some basic “snow how” when driving safe winter driving everyone has to do their part to get around safely in the winter.

Drivers need to have their own plan, which includes leaving earlier and planning a route. It is important to delay unnecessary travel during significant storms to give plows time to do their jobs. It’s also safer for drivers. Other ways to drive safely this winter include:

Be nice on the ice: Give yourself twice the space between vehicles, and pedestrians. Stopping distance on ice is double that of a dry road.  Approach intersections slowly, when they are covered with ice or snow and use extra caution on bridges and ramps.   Ice can form without warning, even if roadways are dry.  Watch out for black ice, a thin, nearly invisible coat of ice that can make the road look like shiny new asphalt. Pavement will look grey or white in the winter.

Go slow in the snow: Slow down and drive according to weather conditions, not the speed limit. Give yourself extra time, drive according to weather conditions, not the speed limit. During a storm, posted speed limits are usually too fast. Conditions can also be unpredictable and change rapidly. Adjust your speed accordingly and give yourself extra travel time.  Avoid sudden moves, starts or stops. Start slowly on slick or snowy roads and brake gradually, giving yourself plenty of space. Steer gently into turns to maintain control.  Be visible and use your low-beam headlights when it is snowing. They are brighter than daytime running lights and will turn on your tail lights.

It’s not a race, give plows space: Never pass a plow. Snow plows are extra wide, and can create clouds of snow – both of which reduce visibility and increase risk of a collision. It’s best to wait for the plow to pull over before you pass.  Plows can’t see you and you can’t see the road ahead. If you do choose to pass, becarful and don’t accelerate too quickly the road ahead is unplowed and could be slick or snowy.   Avoid parking in the street. Plows can’t clear roads that are blocked by parked cars.

Road Plans 2017

Capital Road Projects

  1. Muskoka Road Bridge replacement
  2. Star Lake Road – Double Lift Surface from Old Government Road to bottom of hill
  3. Boundary Road Single Lift Surface Treatment Beginning at Rail Way Tracks Ending at Long Lake Road
  4. Super Sign Road – Double lift Surface Treatment –Begging at End of Existing Surface Ending Near 518 Super Sign Road
  5. Deer Lake Road at Nulty Lane 2 Culvert replacements

2017 Roads Receiving Maintenance “A” Gravel Application

  1. Old Track Road
  2. Old Mulligan Road
  3. Star Lake Road at the Swamp Between Masons Road and Expressway Road
  4. Pinedale Road
  5. Rattray Road from Hwy 11 to Seasonal Road Portion
  6. North Bay Lake Seasonal Road
  7. Appleyards Road

Vegetation Maintenance

Hydro One will be doing some vegetation maintenance in the Township of Perry this summer.  The work will be on small portions of the following roads;

  1. Bay Lake Rd (at Hwy 592)
  2. Supersign Rd (at Hwy 592)
  3. Gibson and Clear Lake Road (at Hwy 592)
  4. Novar Rd.

The work is fairly light, and no herbicide will be used.

Trees Fallen on Roadways, Hydro and Bell Lines

Any trees or debris obstructing the roadways should be reported to the Municipal Office at (705) 636-5941.

Trees fallen on hydro wires should be reported to Hydro One at 1-800-434-1235.

Hydro One – Power Outage Map

Trees fallen on Bell Lines 1-866-310-2355